What’s Included in Your Complimentary Roofing Inspection?

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At Porter Roofing & Restoration, getting your roof and the exterior of your home up to its best possible condition is our top priority. The first step in this process is a roofing inspection to assess your home’s current state and what it will take to get it back up to snuff. Today, we’re detailing all of the items you can expect us to check at your next complimentary roofing inspection from the Porter Roofing experts.

Inspection of the Roof Condition


First, we’ll take a look at the general condition of your home’s roof. We’ll check for debris from any recent wind or storms, as well as physical damage that that debris may have caused. We’ll check the drainage from your roof to the gutters to ensure there’s no standing water or poorly draining spots causing leaks. Finally, we’ll check for any structural deformation from potential poor design of your roof structure.

Aging of Asphalt Shingles


Next, we’ll take a look at your roof’s shingles for wind or hail damage, as well as determine the age of the shingles. Most homes use asphalt shingles, and you can often tell the age of a shingle by the number of granules left. These granules help protect from the sun’s UV rays to ensure the asphalt remains waterproof, and as the shingles age, the asphalt dries out and granules are lost. Most roofs and their shingles are built to last around 20 years, but an inspection can identify if your roof needs maintenance sooner.

Gutters and Downspouts


We’ll also take a look at your gutters and downspouts for hail or wind damage and proper draining. Sometimes debris or other items can get trapped in your downspouts, causing them not to drain as they should. Gutters full of water or other debris will hang heavy from your roof, potentially causing damage as well. This is why it’s important to clear out your gutters seasonally.

Roof Features Assessment


Depending on the features of your roof, we’ll also take a look at them for any damage or deformation. Our roofing experts are specially trained to inspect features including skylights, flat roofs, copper, soffits, fascia, flashing and chimney flashing, and drip edges. No matter the type of home you have, we’ll ensure that its features are working properly and looking beautiful.

Exterior and Interior Walls


As we take a look at your exterior walls, we’ll be checking for hail and wind damage, as well as missing surfaces. We can have your siding replaced to match your current color and material choice and to complement the roof color and other features as well. We can also check inside your home to look for any water damage to your interior ceiling or walls.

Attic and Ventilation


Finally, we’ll take a look at your attic insulation as well as ensure that your home has proper ventilation. Without enough insulation, your home may not be keeping your home comfortable or your utility bills down. If we find you are in need of additional insulation, we can easily add the traditional fiber-glass insulation or even the more effective blow-in insulation when your roof is off of your home.

When you’re ready to schedule your complimentary roofing inspection, contact the experts at Porter Roofing & Restoration today! Our team is ready and willing to assess your roof’s current condition and guide you through the process of repair and/or replacement.