Top 3 Summer Roofing Threats

We all love summer, but the hot and steamy weather that the Midwest is often known for can cause a lot of damage to your home and your roof. Today, your Porter Roofing & Restoration experts are addressing the top three summer roofing threats — heat, humidity, and summer storms — and how our team can help to better protect your family’s home.


1. Hot Summer Temperatures

Summer heat and the sun’s UV rays aren’t doing your roof any favors. You may be able to put on sunscreen when the sun is out, but what can you do about protecting your home? In order to protect your home, your shingles should help prevent heat absorption and offer solar reflectance.

Going for a high-quality shingle can help extend their lifespan, such as the COOL asphalt shingle technology from our partners at Owens Corning. But, of course, no matter the type of shingle you use, they will eventually start to deteriorate. If you start to see any dryness or cracking to your shingles, call our roofing experts for a complimentary inspection so we can evaluate your need for repair or replacement.


2. High Levels of Humidity

Despite being in the Midwest, Central Indiana often suffers from high humidity levels. And humidity can have a major impact on your home’s roof and attic. Heat and humidity can cause your shingles to shrink and pop out of place, in addition to cracking or blistering. And when your shingles aren’t held down properly, you may find yourself with leaks in your attic.

Humidity can also impact your attic if you don’t have proper ventilation in your attic. This space needs a continuous flow of the correct amount of air in order to prevent moisture from accumulating. During a Porter Roofing inspection, we can check the ventilation in your attic to ensure that any humidity and moisture in your attic is not breeding mold. We can also check your attic’s insulation to ensure that you have the proper amount to keep your home’s HVAC working despite the summer heat and humidity.


3. Severe Summer Storms

In our line of work, we’ve found that severe wind and storms are some of the biggest cause of roof damage. High winds from summer thunderstorms or tornadoes can cause major damage to your shingles and gutters, in addition to sending branches flying. Hail is another top cause of damage, and even smaller-sized hail can put holes in your siding or roofing with enough force.

Although we can’t always protect ourselves from the forces of nature, there are a few things you can do to prepare when storms are on the forecast. Keep trees and bushes trimmed of loose branches that may break and cause damage with heavy winds. Put away outdoor toys or furniture if you know that a storm is coming. And clean your gutters regularly to prevent clogs or sitting water on your roof after a storm.

If you are concerned about the quality of your roof this summer, don’t hesitate to contact our team of roofing experts for a roofing inspection! Schedule online or call 317-350-ROOF for your complimentary inspection today.